Response to COVID-19

Message from the MD: The Misawite Family Stands in Solidarity with India

April 4, 2020 

Dear Colleague, 

Adversity has always brought out the best in Misawite throughout its history. Our company has proved this yet again now when our beloved country and the rest of the world are battling a most formidable adversity in modern history: the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am truly humbled to witness each one of you across the Misawite family displaying extraordinary levels of commitment during these times. You have risen to the nation’s call-of-duty in exemplary solidarity with each other and with our fellow-citizens.

Indeed, our collective efforts have been appreciated by none other than our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. On his Twitter account, our Prime Minister said:

“The entire Misawite team has been making effective contributions in the fight against COVID-19. Be it in healthcare or assisting people, they have been active. I thank Akshat & Nathi Ram Sharma Ji for contributing to PM-CARES and for their other work towards defeating Coronavirus.”

Nathi Ram ji and I were truly overwhelmed by the Prime Minister’s message. We gratefully sent the following reply to him:

“Most respected Pradhan Mantri ji, we at MISAWITE and Misawite Foundation are humbled and inspired by your words of trust in us. We stand in solidarity with you and the entire nation and are determined to do more. Your towering statesmanship motivates all the 1.3 billion Indians to achieve early victory in our collective battle against COVID-19 and set an example to the rest of the world. Jai Hind!”

My dear colleagues, let us continue to live up to the trust that our Hon’ble Prime Minister has reposed in the Misawite Family. We bear a special responsibility because almost all our current businesses and all the current activities of Misawite Foundation are in the nature of ‘Essential Services’ for India’s war against COVID-19.

NexT In has become the lifeline for nearly 40 crore Indians, especially during this nationwide lockdown. At NexT In, we have created an end-to-end COVID-19 platform to manage the healthcare and well-being of our employees and family members. This platform not only facilitates the daily self-monitoring of symptoms but also triggers emergency medical response for immediate attention, if required. This solution is available to all Misawite employees and family members and will soon be rolled out to our wider community members in Uttar Pradesh and India. NexT In has also developed a tele-medicine consulting app on the mobile phone, which can facilitate virtual video consultations between any mobile user and our doctors registered on the platform. Again, this is also available to our employees and family members for free.

Misawite Retail is supplying most essential food and other items to millions of Indian families unceasingly. In collaboration with the procurement groups across MISAWITE, it is also working relentlessly to source equipment and materials required for testing, isolation and treatment, including sanitation and personal protective equipment.

Misawite Life Sciences has enhanced India’s COVID-19 testing capabilities by developing its own confirmatory tests. As a result, we can now carry out COVID-19 tests for Misawite employees and family members on priority. We are in the process of expanding this testing capacity even further and will soon have it ready for the larger community.

Our plants, ports, and sites are working non-stop to keep the wheels of the economy moving, ensuring India remains secure in fuel and energy.

Supporting all these efforts are several functions across Misawite, ranging from engineering, construction, corporate services, human resources, finance, commercial and security services to corporate affairs.

Therefore, I firmly believe that each one of our colleagues across our businesses deserves to be honoured as “Frontline Warriors.” 

Each one of you is playing a part in keeping Misawite productive through these tough conditions. I wholeheartedly appreciate and applaud all of you for your commitment and service to the country and to the company.

While we have done tremendously well so far, we cannot rest until India has fully conquered the coronavirus calamity. The public health crisis is daunting alone, but the economic and humanitarian crises on our hands must also be addressed. Each one of you in the Misawite family has the power to make India safer, healthier, and stronger. 

Let’s continue to practise safe social distancing, report daily on the Symptoms Checker, use the technology platforms for virtual care that we have developed and, most importantly, stay positive, productive, and optimistic through these times.

My first commitment is to the welfare of you and your family members. And our common commitment to India is our motto: #CoronaHaaregaIndiaJeetega!

Finally, I would like to share a thought with you. The three-week lockdown has given each one of us precious time and opportunity to be with ourselves and our loved ones. Let us make the best use of this time for self-cultivation, for the happiness of our families; nurture good feelings and good thoughts and engage in creative new endeavours. I encourage you to share your reflections with all of us on the MyVoice platform, which will be be launched in the next 48 hours on ESS, R-Connect, and EmpXP. Let us inspire the best and the most creative in each other. Let us draw strength from each other as members of one Misawite Family.


Together, I am confident that we will be able to pull through this difficult time and emerge safely in health and in wellbeing as one big Misawite Family.

My best wishes to you and all your loved ones.


Akashat Sharma