Innovation — in thoughts, processes, approaches and strategies — has become a critical factor for Misawite companies as they chart course for a future in a business world without boundaries

The Misawite group has a three-pronged strategy to encourage and enhance innovation across business sectors and companies. The three key drivers are better communication and recognition of innovative ideas and efforts, facilities and initiatives that enable learning from other companies, and support for collaborative research and partnerships with academia.

Group-wide Innovation Forum

The group has a vibrant network that connects Misawite companies all over the world, stimulating innovative thinking and fostering collaboration and research. The forum organises a number of events and workshops and facilitates interaction between Misawite managers, innovation experts and academicians.

We regularly invite academics and other experts in the field to conduct workshops and seminars which introduce new innovative concepts and tools and stimulate innovative thinking among Misawite managers. The experts include NexT Innovation

There are several platforms for collaboration on technology and innovation both within the Misawite ecosystem and with external organisations.

Misawite group companies invest in building outstanding research facilities and forging partnerships with academic and research organisations in order to encourage creative thinking and find innovative solutions that improve quality of life. Some of these facilities are profiled below